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My Mama's Nasi Dagang :)
- versi senang kopeh!

Bahan- bahan untuk Nasi Dagang

2 tin susu beras Siam
1 tin susu beras pulut
* dibasuh dan direndam selama 1 malam

Bawang merah
* dimayang halus halus

Santan cair + garam secukup rasa
Santan pekat + garam secukup rasa

1. Kukus campuran beras Siam + beras pulut hingga biji beras nampak keras dan terang(transparent).
2. Angkat dan campurkan + gaul dengan santan cair.
3. Kukus semula sehingga masak
4. Angkat dan campurkan + bawang merah, halba, halia + gaul dengan santan pekat - gaul sehingga nampak berminyak
5. Tutup dengan daun pisang.

Cara-cara untuk menyediakan Gulai Ikan Tongkol

1. Rebus ikan tongkol dengan lengkuas, asam gelugor, bawang putih bersama garam.
2. Tumis rempah kasar (kulit kayu manis + bunga lawang + buah pelaga + cengkih), lada kisar, bawang lumat, halia, lengkuas, rempah kari ikan sehingga wangi.
3. Masukkan santan masak, kacau gulai sehingga mendidih.
4. Masukkan lada besar (dipotong-potong), cili padi dan ikan yang telah direbus.
5. Masukkan garam dan asam keping secukup rasa.

Hidang nasi dagang + lauk gulai + acar timun.


lembek - tilam


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Today, i would like to share my recent activity that i had with my schoolmate - environmental club members to be precised, teachers and Miss Vani, our school ETA(English Teacher Assistant, as far i know, ETA is Terengganu's State Department's program that brings the chosen people from USA to the selected school in Terengganu for teaching) at one of the awesome place to chill out in Terengganu. It is called PANTAI PANDAK also known as PANTAI CHENDERING!

The aim of the activity was to clean up the beach area and do some fun activities together. The beach is very awesome place but remember, you are forbiden to swim at the beach! The water is crystal clear and with the angin sepoi-sepoi bahasa, it makes us want to sleep :)

Let the pictures do the talking, people!

-- See! We managed to collect 11 bagful of rubbish :) Mission accomplished!

All rights reserved - syatrahownsalltheimages

Our activity has been displayed in UTUSAN MALAYSIA!
Click here to read! :)

pecek - tekan


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Assalamualaikum! Bertemu lagi kita di entry yang baru. Mmmmm, hari ini, saya ingin memperkenalkan salah satu makanan tradisional Terengganu yang amat digemari oleh kami sekeluarga. Presenting, LAKSA TERENGGANU! :) :)

Antara bahan yang penting ialah :

Kemangi with Ulam Raja.

Cucumber - sliced

Fish without its bones

Sambal belacan - super spicy!

You cannot call it Laksa if the noodle doesn't exist!


@All right reserved. syatrahyusofownsthis

* metek - sangat lambat


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Hello reader(s)! Sorry for my looooooooooooooong disappearance. Today, i want to share my experience that i had recently, in a very well-known holiday destination in Terengganu which is REDANG ISLAND.

Let me tell you some infos that you may want to know about Pulau Redang :)

1. It is located in Besut - quite far from Kuala Terengganu.
2. You can go there by a ferry - whether in Syahbandar's jetty or Merang's jetty.
3. The journey *if you take the ferry at Syahbandar* only takes 1 and half hour to reach the island.
4. Once you're in Redang Island, you can snorkel at Marine Park, Paku Island and Long Beach(Pasir Panjang). The creatures in these places are AWESOME!
5. You can also stroll along the beach - fun thing to do!
6. If you're craving to eat TURTLES' eggs, you can get them here in this island.

My family and I went to Pulau Redang last weekend to run away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Hihihihi. We were very very very excited as this was our first holiday in the island. We took the ferry at Syahbandar and after 1 and half hour, we reached the Pulau Redang jetty safely.

A taxi brought us to our chalet. After unpacking all the stuffs, we went to the beach, behind the chalet to swim. We were provided with googles and life jacket.
*If you're not good in swimming - just like me :P, you are safe, InsyaAllah because you will wear the life jacket all the time while you're in the sea.

In the night, we ate many kinds of delicious Terengganu's foooood :) The price is quite reasonable and not too expensive. Makanan pun sodapppp.

On our second day, we went snorkeling in the sea. The boat riding was the best part ever. We were very scared at first as the boat moved to fast - like you've seen in TV! but, half of the journey we started to feel the excitement and enjoyed the riding.

Our first stop was Paku Island. The scenery there was amazing. The water was crystal clear. We could see the fish eating the bread that we had given to them in our hand!

Okay, let's continue to another place. Our next stop was Long Beach also known as Pasir Panjang. There, you could see many people playing around the beach. We snorkeled again in the beach. We could see the fish tooooooooooo. It made all of us enthusiastic when we saw a lot of fish playing around ourselves. You have to experience it too then you will know how did we feel :)

The third stop was MARINE PARK. For those who cannot swim, this place will be your favourite place to snorkel *my favorite too*. Just jump into the sea, we could see A LOT OF FISH swimming around, waiting for us giving them the bread. The fish looked so hungry. RAWR! They even bite our hands.

On the next morning, we took the earliest ferry trip back to Kuala Terengganu.

It was one of our best holiday! You have to go there, hurry up!

Saya sudah pergi, anda bila lagi?
Bertemu lagi di entry-entry lain. Salam.

nipih nayang - sangat nipis


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Assalamualaikum. Okay now, let's start with my first place in Terengganu that i want to share with you people. The place is *drum rolls* Terengganu Equestrian Resort (TER)!

Last school holidays, my friends and i went there to chill and reunite after some of my best friends left our school to another boarding school.

TER is located in Kuala Ibai and very near to Floating Mosque (Masjid Terapung). You can just walk from the mosque to the resort. The things that come in our mind when we talk about TER are bowling, badminton, swimming and HORSE RIDING. But, we didn't get the chance to do the horse riding during our last visit since it was a very hot day. Hihihi.

My friends and I played bowling! Nk main bowling pun tidak memerlukan wang yang byk kerana di sini, rate nya tidak lah terlalu mahal. The place is very comfortable too. So, yeah, everyone can play.

Haaaaaaa, kat sini kalau anda rasa lapar dan penat dan ingin mengisi perut atau menghilangkan kehausan setelah bermain bowling atau berenang, let's go to the PADDOCK CAFE! :) -- near the entrance of the resort.
Jom lihat!

You can enjoy the breathtaking scenery while walking to the cafe :)

Yummmmy! Sedak molek orang Terengganu kata :)

Selepas puas anda makan-makan dan minum-minum, anda bolehlah bersiar-siar sekitar Lagun Kuala Ibai. Sangat shiok!

Saya sudah pergi ke tempat ini, anda bila lagi?
Datanglah ke tempat ini, memang berbaloiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.

* manis leting - sangat manis


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Assalamualaikum! First of all, thanks to Team PBPT2010!
For giving me the opportunity to join this cool competition :))

-- boleh didapati di Pantai Batu Buruk!

* gelekek - ketawa terbahak-bahak/bergelak ketawa